Size chart for all Taichi suits (Metric)

Note that there is a different chart per suit model.  This should be used only as a guide, as we have found certain fitment tendencies over years of in-person customer interactions that can guide you further in selecting the proper size.  If you have any questions regarding your proper suit fitment, we encourage you to take chest, waist, and hip circumference measurements, as well as height and weight, and inquire with your Taichi retailer or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for a size/model recommendation.


The Taichi NXL208 Youth suit is one of the only options on the market for customers wanting a truly race level suit for their aspiring teenage racer.  Weight and Height listings are approximations of the ideal rider sizes.  Riders can easily be an inch or two above or below the stated height, and within a 5-10 pounds of the stated weight.  Keep in mind that additional sizes are available in the Japanese fitment NXL207 and NXL303 that can also work for young racers who are above this youth model fitment range, but don't yet fit into traditionally adult sized suits either.

RSY822 GMX-Motion Pants Size Chart

This chart has been specifically  modified to more closely reflect the sizing of GMX-Motion pants in particular.  Please note that the waist measurements are for your MEASURED waist at the navel.  Your American jean size label is typically NOT the same as your waist measurement, so PLEASE measure before referencing this chart.  Hip measurement is made around the largest circumference of the bottom and hips, typically just above crotch high.  Height can be off by an inch or two since this pant is typically worn tucked into sport style boots.


In general, Taichi textile jackets run at least one size tighter than their US counterparts.  For example, if you frequently fit in a US L, you will probably need a Taichi XL and maybe even an XXL if you like a more loose fit or are on the edge between sizes.  In other words, if you sometimes wear M and sometimes L in other brand jackets, you'll probably fit a Japanese size XL Taichi.  If you are pretty much a M across the board, you'll probably be fine in a Japanese size L Taichi jacket.


Please carefully observe where and how Taichi advises you to measure for glove fitment.  Also note that this chart is displayed in centimeters.  Gloves are very difficult to fit remotely, but this can serve as a starting point.  Another general rule is that Taichi gloves, being more of a Japanese fit, run one size tighter than their US counterparts.  A rider who frequently fits in a US L, will probably need a Taichi XL.

RSJ825 GMX-Motion Jacket Size Chart

This chart has been specifically modified to better reflect the sizing on the best selling RSJ825 GMX-Motion Jacket.  Please refer to this chart only for the GMX-Motion jacket.